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Cloud-based environment "WebWellness" / "NetCloud" personal cabinet top-up

Cloud-based environment "WebWellness" / "NetCloud" personal cabinet top-up
Cloud-based environment "WebWellness" / "NetCloud" personal cabinet top-up

NetCloud system is an exceptional environment that unites a great deal of know-how and is the one and only system in the world that offers bioresonance technology based on the Cloud.

NetCloud system is compatible with Windows operating systems and with macOS.


NetCloud system environment has the following advantages:


  • the cloud contains all data;
  • it is possible to access the data you store in the cloud from any part of the world if NetCloud system agent is installed on the device;
  • the program is permanently updated for free, thus, you always access the latest version of rapidly developing program;
  • there is a self-improvement algorithm integrated in the program, which allows the neuronet to learn on its own and self-develop based on the result of people’s test.


Basic characteristics:

  • The program has a user-friendly interface suitable for all monitors.
  • The section News contains data on the latest updates.
  • In the section Register you can find information on those who were tested and the list of sessions. It’s possible to generate a report or email it to your address.
  • To add a new client just enter the necessary data and some notes about him/her if you want.
  • If the client has already registered or has been tested by some programs, the program notifies you of it and provides access to the data previously collected.
  • The client can fill in the questionnaire to provide necessary information before testing.
  • When the session ends, a table with results appears. You can send the results to your Net Balance device so that it can generate a program for you.
  • The matters on an electronic copy are tested by means of measurements that include studied frequency in the measuring chain. The device generates the frequency based on the electronic copy of the matter or the matter in the container. When gaining results, the probabilistic effect of the matter can be observed.
  • If the user asks, the developers add electronic copies of matters for free.
  • The section Product Selection allows you to group out hundreds of food products based on test results.
  • The section Electropuncture allows passing two types of test. The first one - vegetative resonance testing - allows choosing test resonant frequencies in order to find out probable disorders and choose a personal program.
  • There’s the option to group out substances, design programs for Net Balance and many other options.
  • It is also possible to connect to neuronet that gathers statistics about users around the world and determines what problems the user is likely to have. This allows detecting which nosodes should be tested first and enhances the work.
  • Testing by Voll’s method is the second type of testing in the section Electropuncture.
  • There are various indicators, additional panels, auxiliary systems and other features that help specialists who use this method of testing.
  • The section BRT offers programs for passive bioresonance therapy and meridians that can be added to the program. Meridians are automatically selected according to abnormal indicators.
  • The section Complexes contains test sessions, after processing of which a personalized complex can be added to the device.
  • Normal range, numerical indicators and general state of biosystems coming in different colors are displayed.
  • The section Dynamics shows the dynamics of processes, predominant indicators, expected state of the systems after several sessions and normal ranges for biosystems.
  • There is another useful function that allows switching between schematic reflection of the body and a realistic one.
  • The section Spine shows the condition of organs connected with each single vertebra and disorders that can appear in case a vertebral disk is dislocated.
  • The system uses colored background to show a level indicator, gray background if there’s a decline, and uses percentages to show the level of deviation from the normal range.
  • "Energy system" helps to determine connection between the emotional-characterological type by means of knowledge about chakras. The results of testing are reflected in chakras: opened chakra has a big size, closed one – a small size. The down arrow shows you’re accumulating energy and the up arrow – losing energy.
  • Auragram interprets a report about 47 organs and systems in a pie diagram. If you click on numbers you can visualize the organ or system associated with such a number, and if you choose indicators, organs and problems that may appear are displayed.
  • Biological age section shows the relevant indicators and forecasts for the next 20 years and possible reasons for aging.
  • In the section Vitamins you will see how vitamins are being absorbed (100% filled diagram - good absorption, partially-filled - poor absorption).
  • There’s a list of matters that can have toxic effects on the body.
  • You can also get a report reflecting the result of the product selection, sports or zodiac diets in the program.
  • In the section Generating reports you can generate the report you need and get it via e-mail or in PDF file.
  • The program contains an integrated multi-lingual User’s Guide where you can find all necessary information about the program, its principles of operation and other useful information.


There are many more options the program offers its users.

Buy NetCloud system subscription to take advantage of the full range of opportunities of the program.

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