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Net Balance New Device

Net Balance New Device
Net Balance New Device

Advanced features software installed on this device.

Net Balance New is a portable bioresonance device that is designed to harmonize biological systems of human beings.

Net Balance New comes with software with advanced options. The full range of functions is activated as a default.. 

    The device can be programmed up to 100 manual complexes, with a total duration of three thousand six hundred minutes.

    The memory device contains 300 basic preset programs:

    • 100 for the prevention of parasitic infections
    • 100 harmonizing programs
    • 100 recovery programs


    It’s better to use Net Balance New together with Net Expert Profi, for both devices make part of NetCloud system to achieve perfect results. Rapid test provided by Net Expert Profi allows you to design a personalized complex for Net Balance New.


    The set consists of:

    • Net Balance New - 1 pc.


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